Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas spirit

The big  day in the Nordic area is Christmas Eve – the 24th of December. Time for loved ones to get together for presents and good food. This year Christmas was deep with snow, perfect for warm togetherness and our Nordic tradition:
Shared time with Fredrik Gyllenhammar and his
children Sophia and Patrik.

Very typical Swedish food:

Caviar and Västerbotten pie – using a well matured
Swedish cheese of that name. Västerbotten
is one of the counties of Sweden

 And giving of course! Here are some of my favourite gifts:

A lovely bear from my son, handmade from the
best lambs wool

Lingerie from France

A beautiful book from Louise – Memories from 2012

A few days ago in the hectic snowy days before Christmas:
Jonas Edholm owner of Stream invited me, Fredrik and Max for a great Christmas lunch.

Here enjoying The Stream lunch with traditional
Swedish Christmas food

Another party at Katherine and Oscar’s beautiful house in Stocksund. Beautiful environment, beautiful home and beautiful party! 

Here lovely Katherine celebrating her birthday

Here enjoying the dinner with Fredrik who is
a dear friend to Katherine and Oskar

Food was fabulous, very Scandinavian:
deer, reindeer…

This is the time of the year not just for parties but for meetings with important partners. Sometimes you can combine both.

Here is Lucy Clark from Orient Express hotels with me and Fredrik

More about Orient Express hotels, trains and cruises in the year ahead...
Meanwhile a warm and happy Christmas to all my wonderful friends and family, and my valued customers!

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