Monday, 7 January 2013

Sun, sea and sands

A sunny holiday in the desert embraced by rugged mountains, golden sands and warm seas. At Six Senses Zighy Bay the desert has turned into a luxury oasis with palms and private pools. 

Sand, sea and sky

Built like an Omani village, this is the perfect spot for a quiet and relaxed beach holiday, less than two hours from bustling Dubai. 

Here the beach club area...

We are staying in a villa offering all the five star luxuries … created with eco-friendly care. All villas have private pools.  I would definitely recommend the beach villas:

Villas on the beach with a dramatic backdrop of  mountains

Omani feel - oasis by the sea

More villas with beach and desert setting

Relaxing by the beach

Lunchtime for everyone - children very excited

A healthy meal in a sunchair

Dinner time with lovely youngsters - here Sophia and Ellinor

...and Patrik who is only 18 but has the perfect
 manners of a gentleman. 
I'm still recovering from the operation on my feet and Patrik sure knows how to charm a woman...

More than dining and lying on the beach, at Zighy Bay you can enjoy boat trips, paragliding and...

Each villa has bikes

Paradiso cinema

A great movie last night called The City of Life, directed by the Emirati film maker Ali Mustafa -  it was all happening in Dubai, which is quite a coincidence as we are going there in couple of days

Good movie!

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