Monday, 22 April 2013

Last Paradise Kids

Soneva Fushi is one of my personal favorites, and my customers love it, both couples and families. When I was last there we discussed a  possible kids camp. Not just fun and adventure, but teaching kids about how to preserve this precious paradise.

I am so happy that we now have an exciting 7-day programme ready for kids along with special offers for the whole family. The week-long camps begin on 24th June and 10th July 2013. Ask our team of travel consultants for more information  or just book your place...

The camp offers an enriching experience - all you expect of the Maldives and more - from learning to snorkel, monitoring coral reefs and studying turtles to visiting Maldivian communities. The kids study the stars through the island telescope and learn about the wonderful ways that Soneva Fushi creates energy and uses waste.

Not just a luxury holiday for the family in a Crusoe Villa in paradise, but looking into the future of our planet.

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