Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Amazing experience

There is so much to experience at Huvafen Fushi, from sheer sophistication to sports.
I will start with the amazing wine cellar...

It has one of the most valuable stores of wine in the Indian Ocean, worth USD 845 000...

The most expensive wine bottle in the cellar
USD 31000  for this bottle

Another great wine -
1000 USD for a bottle

Champagne - 12 liter Balthazar

Our pool friend
We have a wonderful two-bedroom villa with private beach...

Our pool

Our bedroom

Dazzling view from our bedroom - our private beach

Entrance to our villa

Entrance to our villa

Our own spa

Our own sitting areas
And now for some action...
Up we go parasailing

Up and up...

And up and up

Way, way, way up....


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