Friday, 1 November 2013

Yachting not cruising

Yesterday we invited guests to our Stavanger office to present small ship cruising with SeaDream. This is yachting not cruising as SeaDream would say.

Our office in wet and windy Stavanger -
a perfect place for warmer sea dreams

SeaDream is a Norwegian company with two mega yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II. They take no more than 112 guests, sail to places larger ships can't go, and are the only cruise line to have a watersports marina with jet skis and other fun activities.

Jannicke, sales director at SeaDream
bringing warm sea dreams to life

Gourmet meals, wine and Champagne are all included in the rate. A cruise with SeaDream starts from approximately 22 000 NOK per person for 7 nights and will vary with season, destination and chosen accommodation.

Screen set up and givewaway bags
Guests coming in from the cold to our warmth

Office manager Petra in action
Interacting with our valued guests
Appropriately delicious
Jannicke presenting SeaDream to our guests
Comfortably seated for the
inspiring presentation
The beautiful miniature of SeaDream in our
office window to keep the Dream alive...

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