Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pure lifestyle Phuket

This is a great place to be. It is our Penthouse at Andara, perched on an exclusive hillside above Kamala Beach on Phuket.

This is our view

And this is our Penthouse

At Andara you are a 10 minute walk from the beach. But to make everything feel closer and easier, there is a free shuttle and access to the Andara beach  lounge at the northern end of Kamala beach, offering sunbeds, bar and a local menu.

Up at the resort, the pool is a lovely place to linger…

Lush and tropical pool area
Sunset on Kamala Beach

The resort is pure lifestyle. Seamless Thai-inspired design opens out to extensive outdoor living areas, in 26 pool villas and 37 residence suites – with from 1 to 6 bedrooms.

Site inspection with GM Daniel Meury

And now my snapshots of the villas ...

All with this fantastic sea view

One side sea, the other mountain ...

And of course...

...a kitchen for the butler 24/7

Your own gym and massage room
The bigger villas spreading out over 3000 sqm
A 6-bedroom villa on two levels

 The villas have private pools

Open lounging areas

Sunbeds with enchanting views over infinity

Contemporary, stylish
At the resort you have lovely staff ...

A nice threesome

It's amazing how skilled they are at creating animals out of towels...
A furry dog

And this is cool too...

This drink is called 'Widow'

I worked it out. She was feeling very sad and when she drank this very fresh drink she felt much better!

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