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Guests on a golden day

Beautiful people. The guests at our wedding looked amazing - like the pages of a fashion magazine. All of them, whether from country estates or urban professions, are very dear friends and relatives. Thank you for coming to our wedding and sharing our joy!

In the background, looking anonymous in his shades, is the man we can thank for most of these images of our friends and relations ...

... the talented Peer Franzen

Two Nordic celebrities take a moment to sip champagne and
rest their elegant feet - Kaarina Kivilahti (left) and Arja Saijonmaa. 

A prominent couple in Stockholm society Doctor Sten Axdorpf
and Ingemar Åkesson, enjoying the inspiration of radiant Kanthi Beck  - 
founder of the charity IPS

Businessman Kaj Nyman from Finland with his elegant wife Bambi
in a stunning outfit

Ulrika Thelander, sales manager for Select Collection in Stockholm, has worked in the company for 20 years, here smartly colour-coordinated with her  fiancée Leif Carlsson

Owner of Stjenarps Manor, Count Jan Hamilton with his wife Countess Anna-Karin Hamilton in a bright sunny dress  pictured with our good friend dentist Jonas Ryden

Count Peter Carl de Belmont bringing his Austrian charm
to our wedding

Gabriella Birkenfalk, Sigge's youngest daughter (soon to turn 12), and
Amanda Birkenfalk  (soon to turn 18), who played the piano beautifully
when their mother Birgitta sang like an angel in the church.
With them is David Huber, Amanda's boyfriend
who helped set up high quality sound in the church.
The best man's eldest son Ludwig von Segebaden with Alexandra Larsson in
fresh white and pale antique rose
The best man's youngest son Viktor von Segebaden with Agnes Hellborg,
colorful in a singing red dress with white details and white jacket
A nice hug for me from Fredrik Ljung, the talented young Managing Director of Select Collection
A nice family portrait - Åke's brother Gustaf Wilhelm with his children Carl-Wilhelm (left), Jacqueline and Eric Hellstedt

Charming Norwegian Didrik Cappelen, founder of Quintessentally Nordic, in which I have part ownership.  Quintessentally is the world's largest concierge company with 64 offices in different countries. We also enjoyed the presence of his beautiful wife Nina at our wedding.
Per Bengtsson with his wife Marie, who wore glamorous champagne coloured brocade

A study in delicate feminine profiles -  Hanna Hjälmerhag and Louise Lundius,  Select Collection

Finnish businessman Peter Nyman and his wife Mervi in attractive
matching floral coat and dress

Two of my Select managers meeting on the green lawns - Ilse Nyman (Country Manager Finland - serenely in ivory) andCollette O'connor (Sales Manager UK - stunningly attired in red)
The funniest entrance was by Mats Dörring and Johan Cavalli,
who after their sporting accident demonstrated that
sport isn't always good for the health!
Johan Lundin, Swedish National Three Day Event Rider,
with his partner Evelina Carlsson, in a soft grey dress.
 Johan is to 
compete in this year's world championship, 

Michael Elmenbeck, owner of Bon Magazine (right) with his wife,
designer Marina Kereklido - as bright as a summer's day -
and the smartly attired Sebastian Ljung (centre), husband to Fredrik 

Good friends from Knivsta, Affe Dickmark and his wife Bibi, splendid in crisp
black and white with rose hat and matching purse

One of my former marketing managers and still a valued friend, the serenely radiant Catharina Berg Claesson and her husband Mathias Berg, manager of the Swedish channel TV 4
From their estate in the county of Västmanland, Didrik and Anna af Buren (in lustrous red), pictured with Inger Bergström (left), who is my extra mother and confidante
With shining smiles to match a shining day, Anders Tofte and his wife Anna Carin, who is a medical doctor

Waiting outside the church with sunny smiles,
Åsa Eklund my neighbour and Ilkka Teräs from Finland
Emil Dickson and his wife Sada, wearing a ravishing lilac dress
Businessman Christer Persson and his wife Anna Looft Persson
eye-catching  in a soft red dress

The serene Hanna in a vintage-style hat with veil, together with her
fiancee Jan Swärdstedt

Dear friends of ours, Count Claes Hamilton and - looking wonderfully summery - his lovely wife Countess Monica Hamilton, from Stjernarps Manor in county Halland
In radiant cerise, Countess Therese von Rosen with her friend Christa Dörring
In crisp patterned dress, communications expert Helena Ståhl brings her wide smile to our wedding.
In Swedish 'Ståhlmannen' is the legendary Superman and it is nice to think of the capable Helena as Ståhlkvinnan (Kvinna = woman)
In a becoming dove grey dress, Hillevi Wickström pictured together with Ingemar Åkesson, who sported one of the many colourful ties at the wedding

Among guests waiting outside to shower us with rose petals, Hugo Berch (in the black shirt) with us from his estate Össjö Säteri in the south of Sweden, and (in the ivory dress) Birgitta Birkenfalk
An elegant couple from a beautiful estate at Säbyholm near Halmstad, Knut and Cattie Slettengren

At our wedding from their idyllic island Espskär in Finland, prominent lawyer Erik Dannbäck and his charming wife Camilla. Erik is absolutely one of my oldest friends dating back to when I had a summer job on the Viking Line as a teenager

Outside the church, two stylish ladies, brilliant young architect Moa Dickmark
 and my dear old friend Ewa Balazs in a charming silver-grey floral dress
with matching shawl

Businessman Carl Hirsch with his bewitching and talented wife Sonja Catani
In an artistic floral print, Maria Boström, top stylist at the fashionable salon Axen,
with her partner Jonathan Kalla

Åke's cousins Michaela Satzger von Balvanyous-Frisk and architect
Christofer Satzger von Balvanyous with his nearest and dearest
Kerstin Wisseng resplendent in summery red
An eye catching couple, lawyer Lars Cronqvist and his wife Annica, in a dress of mystical blue
Smart couple arriving: CFO Select Collection Lars Ohlsen and Mariana Johansson
In really feminine attire, Lena Skogström, live wire in promoting
destinations, with Doctor Sten Axdorpf
In a pretty dress and shawl, Lotta Hellman, journalist,TV producer and writer,
with her fiancée Bo Matsson
As cute as sugar candy, mother-to-be Madeleine Dickson
with Jonas Barck
Magnus Olsson with his wife Maria in a champagne brocade
and matching ankle-strap heeled sandals
With us from Germany, Martin Eckert and his wife Marie, in a stunning lime coloured rouched dress
Martin Laurell of Halmstad Auctioneers with his wife Marie creating a cool and delicate look
in pale olive green 

A smiling and elegant couple, businessman Stefan Lentell and his wife Christina Wihlner Lentell, managing director of M-Brain Sweden; together with the fashionable and vibrantly colorful Marjukka Nyberg from Finland, founder and owner of M-Brain
Niclas Dickson and Anne Kjaer from Denmark, waiting at the church with happy smiles 

Åke's cousin, the prominent Stockholm personality and restauranteur
Nina von Krusenstierna, with Gillian Stanbridge, Select Collection

Well known among horse lovers, the legendary rider and stallion owner (stallion breeder)  Lene Nissen-Lembke, her brother landowner Bjarne Lembke and big game hunter Jean de Gaunt
My bridesmaid's daughter Linn Lones (above right) at the champagne reception with her partner
Andre Thuvesson

As beautiful and delicate as one of their roses,  Mia Nevado with
her husband John, owners of Nevado Roses

Jim Grundström - one of the masters
behind the beautiful decorations
Jumping for joy Sebastian Ljung (left), Fredrik Ljung, Michael Elmenbeck, Jonatan Graf
and Max Albrechtsson

And now 5th July…

Our first day as husband and wife ...

 At the Brunch we arranged the day after the wedding
for all the guests at Fjelldalens Manor

For the pictures of the wedding ceremony on the 4th of July see the blog Just married

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