Saturday, 21 February 2015

Over and over

What makes people return over and over? I have been many times to Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and will keep returning. Here surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens, you eat good food, lie on the beach,  or keep busy with health giving activities. You get both freedom and opportunity to change your life for the better…

Views facing the sunset and a forest of tall coconut palms - a place to relax 

We have had many delighted customers at Kamalaya. Here is some recent feedback.
“What a fantastic ambiance – friendly, beautiful … We are so pleased. PT, Thai boxing, yoga, pilates, swims in the new lap pool, workshops, massage, reiki. Acupuncture…we try everything.
Not much rest but that’s our choice. We try to get an hour or so on the beach every day and have lunch together between activities. It is strength for the soul to be here.”
Beautiful natural freshwater pools with spiritual guardians

Another customer quoted here from our Haute Couture Luxury Travel Blog:
"It was a wonderful place, with so much warmth. Professional but still personal. Perfect for me; I felt better than I ever imagined was possible. 
I will definitely return…"
And another.

Meanwhile some of my own experiences can be found here. I was at Kamalaya with my friend Valerie.

Ulrika our Swedish sales manager has like me been many times. She usually does a fitness programme or optimal weight loss where you do more than lose weight,  you tone and shape your body and do a minimal detox by choosing the right items on the menu.

Ulrika with the favourite drink - plain coconut water

Ilse country manager Finland summarizes it all.
"I love Kamalaya"
You don’t have to be a health nut to love Kamalaya.

Gillian did the Relax & Renew Stress & Burnout programme.  She found many business people are taking a break to recharge after stress has eaten up all their energy. And are amazed at how good they feel.

A Relax & Renew package is one of the amazing offers from Select Collection. All food and over 10 hours of massages and other treatments are included.

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