Thursday, 4 June 2015

Experts of Light

At Select Collection Spa we now feature the exclusive spa brand Valmont. People ask me "what is so special about these products?"

Valmont started as a medical brand to repair damaged skin and mastered the secrets of producing new healthy cells. Now focusing on beauty and rejuvenation, Valmont uses the latest technology to transport minerals from Swiss glacial water and protein into cells deep in the skin.

The proteins become collagen to make our skin resilient, glowing and young(er).

This might sound like a chemistry lesson … but in fact these secrets are very interesting and educational – and we needed our expert trainer from Switzerland Anne Launer to explain more in detail.

Therefore we arranged a Valmont event in our beautiful office. 

Learning about products that make the skin glow
Anne told us about the secret of Valmont; how ALL their products work as anti-ageing, from toners and cleansers to creams, serums and masks. Just choose the right products for your specific skin type – whether you need to focus on dry skin, oily skin, fine lines, lifting results etc.

The new line promoted last week in Stockholm is truly innovating – in Expert of Light series Valmont has added zinc which has an amazing brightening effect. This works to create an even toned and glowing skin. The results are spectacular: beautiful skins with a natural, healthy look. Valmont has also developed a new treatment called Brightness of Ice using only Expert of Light products.  

More about our spa and Valmont at the bottom of this blog. But first some nice pictures of our special evening.

From Select Collection Nathalie Meyer and Anna Ingelson

Lucky winner of the luxurious Brightness of Ice treatment Annette Rosencreutz

Wonderful champagne from Diebolt Vallois

Canapes with Swiss cheese for the occasion and Swedish specialities like Skagen

With Josephine Palmquist, Kajsa Gatenbeck and Hanna Hjämerhag
Our Fredrik Ljung surrounded by lovely ladies Gunvor Engström and Kanthi Beck
Preparing Clarifying Pack samples on hands to work their magic during our Valmont Presentation

We are proud to be the only spa in the Northern region to feature Valmont treatments and products. Their philosophy goes hand in hand with ours; to be exclusive in the way that clients need thorough consultation in order to obtain the best results (whether it means choice of travel destination and experience, or the right way to take care of your skin and looks …). Therefore Valmont products are not sold in duty free shops etc. As we do at Select, for the choice of Valmont at our Stockholm Day Spa, it has been Personally Inspected and Carefully Selected!

Note: Valmont has different lines for different age groups, and within each line products for different skin types. This makes the product selection vast and comprehensive, but you will need help and consultation to find the right products.

Great tip: Next time you come to plan your holiday to the sun with us – make sure to also try the Valmont sun care products. As with all Valmont products – they work on anti-ageing at the same time as they protect your skin. And since they produce new healthy cells during your hours at the beach, the tan will also stay longer … reminding you of your relaxing days long after you come back! 

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