Thursday, 17 August 2017

Wellness by the beach

Back from a wellness stay on a beautiful tropical beach, just 2.5 hours by car from Bangkok. Barai is a holistic spa resort set in lush gardens, a great place to restore body and soul.

I find Barai very pleasant and personal. You can tailor-make your own programme of treatments, which I really appreciate. You can go all out for detox, fitness or weight loss or just eat healthy food and get into a relaxed and harmonious mood with massages, personal yoga teacher and so on.

The beach is super long so you can walk for hours, which is very nice for beach walkers.

I really like their beach restaurant a few steps from my room...

Located just outside the room area, the restaurant lies very beautifully on the beach. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner. There is a very private feeling here. But guests can also eat in any of the many restaurants situated next door at the Hyatt Regency, just a few minutes away.

Barai is very exclusive - there are just 8 suites.


The suites are all spacious and elegant, each with its own private spa area and balcony or garden with plunge pool.

Lots of space

Huge comfortable beds

If you want to be with your family and children, you can stay at the Hyatt Regency Club next door (owners of Barai), enjoy all activities and still use the Barai spa. 

 The spa is elegant, with the feel of a temple. The architect was inspired by a visit to Angkor Watt.

Exquisite Barai spa 

The Barai spa offers individual treatments like therapeutic and relaxing massages, beauty care, scrubs and wraps.  Recently they introduced 5 full lifestyle programmes of 3 to 7 days, for relaxation, weight loss, detox, fitness and a bespoke yoga journey with personal goals, complimented by a new healthy menu.

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