Monday, 27 May 2013

Coba opens soon

My son Jonatan's restaurant Coba opens soon in Stockholm, offering a contemporary Mexican taste experience. Here is the logo...

And the team is ready to go, full of passion...

At Birger Jarlsgatan 44 there are not many days left to the opening. The last touches of the decor are being perfected, the wine list getting its final polish, the chefs cooking up and tasting their own masterpieces. The intimate locale is full of the aromas of Mexican spices and furnished with remarkably comfy chairs just waiting  to enfold the first guests. The walls may still lack decoration, but all will come with time.

Jonatan's love of Mexican goes back to his babyhood. I headed around the world with Jonatan soon after birth. And so over the years he experienced not just the world’s best hotels and resorts but also the cultures and cuisines of  exotic destinations.

In his preschool days  he was already excited about Mexico as a country, and Quesadillas, Tacos and Nachos in particular. We were on a constant search for the perfect Tacos - a soft tortilla baked with 100% Maize meal, enlivened with fillings that exploded with taste.

Gradually it dawned that there was a new approach to Mexican fare out there, both in Mexico and Los Angeles. Presented with flair and aspiration, this is Mexican with loving care for the raw ingredients, finding the perfect way to sear tuna, create home made tortillas, mix luscious guacamole.

Meanwhile back in Sweden the contrast was only too obvious.  Hard baked mass-produced tacos shells filled with fried mince, basic (soapy) cheese and supermarket salsa. Now this deprivation is over...

Coba's Tacos and the other joys on the menu are from Mexican celebrity chef Manu Arriaga. Born and bred in Mexico city, his CV  includes several restaurants awarded stars in the Michelin guide. In honor of the opening Coba has also flown in two cooks from Orient Express hotel Maroma on Riviera Maya in Mexico. Head chef Juan Pablo Loza and Sous-chef Edgar Chavez will be making guest appearances on the opening nights.

Diners at Coba will enjoy a contemporary Mexican taste experience with roots in the cuisine's authentic origins yet open to inspiration from the  New World.

Jonatan sums up the restaurant philosophy:

'Love and respect for the  raw ingredients is vital. The dishes served should feel authentic, innovative, and full of quality.'

Invited journalists will sample the flavours of Mexico on Thursday 30 May at 1200.

In the evening of 30 May an opening for invited guests will be attended by His Excellency Mr Jorge Lomonaco, Ambassador of Mexico.

The restaurant will be open to the general public on 5 June.

About the head chef
Manu Arriaga the head chef has an infectiously happy personality.  He grew up in Mexico and has considerable experience from a number of restaurants in the Michelin Guide. He has been employed among others by Zortziko in Bilbao, Kursaal Restaurant by Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian and Marques de Riscal Hotel designed by Frank Ghery.

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