Friday, 21 September 2012

Intimate cooking and dining

A sizzling culinary event in Stockholm on Wednesday. Swedens’s Chef of the year Klas Lindberg prepared raw fried lobster on a trolley in the dining room in front of his guests, including us...

...myself, my son Jonatan and his girlfriend Louise,
appreciative diners

Making his appearance as "Sturehof Guest
Trolley" - Klas Lindberg

Restaurant Sturehof in Stockholm's lovely Östermalm area has started staging guest appearances of top chefs once a month. They are given free hands to choose the menu, roll their trolleys into the dining room and begin their exhibitions of culinary perfection. Choice of Klas Lindberg was natural, since he won the chef of the year competition earlier in 2012.

The delicious results of this month's
guest appearance at Sturehof

The delight we experienced on Wednesday evening this week included:

Raw-fried lobster

Braised chantarelle mushrooms


Warm brioche

Lobster mayonaisse

Klas Lindberg competed in the Swedish chef championships seven times. This year he won with
​​ginger fried lobster with cauliflower, hazelnut and soy sauce and a salad of confit lobster.

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