Friday, 14 September 2012

Loving Laamu…


In this paradise at Laamu we get the best of both worlds. On the sunrise side of the pier, we get glorious sunny mornings to lure me out of bed to do yoga on the terrace. But we also see the sunset from the roof of our ocean water villa, which lies at the end of a long pier over the lagoon.

Sunny side up, an early breakfst, lured up by the sun

The long jetties threading over turquoise water invite walks of dazzling beauty. We love cycling on the jetties and round the small island, especially in the evening after a glass of wine. This island is only 750 metres long  and 200 wide, with some nice paths.

Biking is lots of fun especially
after a glass of wine

Being active is part of the sensational experience of Six Senses Laamu. Snorkling, diving, water skiing, kite surfing and even surfing the big wave off a distant reef. Jonathan, the Life Manager keeps everyone busy with sporty things to do as well as excursions and romantic sand bank dinners.

Jonathan knows how to keep
us active and happy

Perfect place to take a PADI Laamu
you can get your certificate in only 3-5 days
depending on your skills
And in the afterglow of exercise, the laid back feel of this island is all the more alluring.

Posing by the most intensely turquoise sea...
My favorite spot under the stars
for an evening meal

Exquisite gazpacho

Jarey the head waiter, always at your service,
full of fun and smiles
Beauty is found in unexpected places – because it is everywhere at Six Senses Laamu...

The Ladies room at Laamu is a pleasure to visit


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