Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Laamu lifestyle

As you dream it. That soft white sand and that brilliant turquoise water. A 50 minute flight south of Male, in a pristine atoll of the Maldives: your own rustic villa, harmony with nature, and a lifestyle to love...

From music and cocktails to great wines and lovely fresh food, Six Senses Laamu is pure enjoyment...

DJ with great music

The sweetest sommelier in the
excellent (overwater) wine cellar

The General Manager's weekly
cocktail party

Some natural rhythm adding to the ambience
Here I am with lovely people at the cocktail party,
GM Marteyne van Well & Fredrik Gyllenhammar

... with the magic of sunset making it perfect

Another day dawns, reminding that health, harmony and beauty are part of luxury:

My breakfast salad, organically grown
What a place to eat breakfast
...perched above a turquoise lagoon

Pure is beautiful...

1 comment:

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