Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Great night with Qatar

It was “wine tasting in business class”  with Qatar at the Select headquarters in Stockholm last night. Not only did we have a first class sommelier but we had authentic business class delights. Starting with a Launois Vintage Blanc de Blancs, known for its fullness, ripeness and roundness, we went on to wine tasting with sommelier Erica Landin, who is also a well known wine journalist.

All champagne, wine and food were selected from Qatar business class – classy and delicous.

It was a beautiful set up - 4 glasses each

Here are guests listening to a presentation
of Qatar and all the great wines.


Select client Peter Nilson together with
the sommelier Erica Landin

Erica was trained at Sweden’s gourmet hideaway in the hills at Grythyttan and writes for wine journals like Allt om vin, Meininger’s Wine Business International, Residence Magazine and Decanter. Eri­cas favourite is champagne, especially older vintages from smaller producers. This was a great chance to try her taste in champagne – see my snapshots of our happy customers at the wine tasting, below.
Some guests are not included as some of my pics did not turn out well, but I hope to see you all soon again so I can take some new shots...
 Together with Fredrik Gyllenhammar
(left) and Otto Nordhus

With Anna Nilsson and Malin Torkelsdotter Poole

Marie Lodin with a friend
Helene Tidstrand with a friend

Annie Strid, Karl Berglund &
Michael Tranell
Louise & Peter Jansson
Far right: Katarina Lagergren von Scheele. Her husband Thomas Lagergren is far left
Beyond Hans Fürstenbach &
Catrina Hertzen Fürstenbach

Tim Dennard & Lena Ödner

Anders Nelson (left) and
Marianne Feledy Wherten (in grey)
Our lovely Max from marketing
with Karl Berglund

Åsa Fröberg
Anette & Lars Procheus

Hellmuth Gretzer (left), Peter & Louise Jansson

Niklas & Maria Rockborn
Niclas Lövkvist & Linda Nyberg
I also made a speech to  express our happiness over the news that almost 3 months before the end of the year we have already passed last year's turnover... And last year was a good year.
It is not a coincidence; we work as hard now as we did 20 years ago when we started, and we have a  great team. We stay proactively at the frontline with new developments – like our concierge service.

We are now part owners of Quintessantially in Sweden which gives clients great benefits. Free concierge service when they travel with us:  restaurants reservations, opera, theatre and even advice on where to shop to get special products…

Very Select, as bespoke as you can get….

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