Friday, 12 October 2012

Joy of Wildness

A peregrine falcon in glorious flight - one of
the images from Wild Wonders.

We hope to get Wild Wonders, the world's largest photography exhibition, to the Nordic area; Sweden and Finland. It has already drawn wow reviews in Berlin, Madrid and beyond. Here we are at our meeting last night in the Select Collection gallery shop at our Stockholm headquarters, discussing how to achieve this marvellous idea here in the North:

Together with Natalia Mikkola and Staffan Widstrand -
Staffan is a well known photographer
The mammoth exhibition is about the joy of wildness. Here are some of the thousands of wonderful images we hope to bring to Sweden and Finland.

Brown bear

Black stork with its fishing catch
Wild Wonders of Europe is the World's biggest ever nature photography based conservation communication project. 
Take a look at

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