Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paradise at Paradee...

Yesterday we got a wonderful mail from a client, so I asked them if we could quote it in my blog. It's about a perfect trip to one of our Select Collection resorts in Thailand. And it makes me feel very proud of our services and our Collection of treasures...

This treasure is called Paradee

And this is the mail we got:

Hello Anki!

We arrived home yesterday morning from Thailand and Jane and I would like to tell you the following:

First: The whole journey, from the airport and back, went like clockwork.  No delays, all the drivers meeting us at the right time and place.

Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Very well organized! We could "stay cool" all the time! Especially important for us who visited Thailand for the first time.

2nd Therefore, we want to thank you very much and our rating is: The whole trip exceeded our expectations, and we give a big gold star!

3rd Jane, who is a swimming and sun lover, gives top marks to the beach at Paradee. She looked happy for the 10 whole days!

"She looked happy for the whole 10 days!"
4th We got an upgrade...with private pool and access directly to the beach (Villa 208). Absolutely amazing! We said to the General Manager that we were "more than pleased"!

5th We tested Paradee Spa several times and they did a good job. Now are bodies are supple and in perfect shape and we can start shoveling snow again!

Thank you for everything!

Jane and Bo Sjunnesson

For our web page on Paradee, click here.

Some snapshots of Paradee (by Anki) :

A beautiful public pool

A spot to watch the sunset over cocktails
Pool villa

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