Monday, 4 March 2013

Passion for wellness

I will never forget my first sauna  experience as a little girl in Finland – there is nothing  quite like an authentic Finnish sauna. I think this is where my love of spas started…and the search for well-being.

I am passionate about wellness, and in helping customers to have a true wellness experience. Resorts  closest to my heart are ones that specialize in magnificent spa experiences that bring health and rejuvenation.

...along with inner serenity

For a customer who has been very ill a few years back,  I have put heart and soul in trying to help her find the right wellness resort for her needs. I have suggested Sha Wellness in Spain – a short trip, a caring staff and the treatments and equipment she needs. Among other things Sha has special equipment for getting to the physical root of sleeping problems, apart from regimes for detox and rejuvenation, aesthetics and much else. 

A route of detox and self healing

It doesn't feel like a medical clinic though it is a very good one
...and also has everything you need for relaxation and rejuvenation
I was very touched to get this mail from her:

Dearest Leija

You are fantastic and I do hope your business flourishes, because you are truly dedicated with your heart!

I am having some tests tomorrow, and will decide later!

And even if I choose not to go this time, I do hope I get a chance … another time - I definitely want Sha...

I am so impressed with your professionalism, it borders with genuine care and friendship....

I hope your business becomes super super successful and flourishing (which I am sure it is already)


Of course even if she does not go it was worth the effort for me, as wellness comes first…

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