Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Square is the future

We are very frontline at Select, and happy to try new ways of doing things…
I am so proud of our young in-house designer Max, who has come up with a new way of viewing special offers. It opens the way for printed adverts that have just a little square on the image.

Max designing at the front for a larger image
Believe it or not – this square is the code for a lot of special holiday offers:

Give it a go.  If you have QR Reader in your smart phone  you can go straight to our current special offers by scanning this code.

You are going to see more of this technology in the future, so it could be time to download QR Reader (from App Store or Android Market) if you don’t have it yet…

Otherwise – if you prefer “old” technology click here

Either way, this Easter  could be a perfect time to plan your next holiday in the sizzling sun….

But please keep a look out for our QR code on future adverts. Instead of having to write down a printed web address you scan in the QR code using your smart phone. A little square says it all

Note: QR code = Quick Response Code. It is a type of matrix barcode and optical machine-readable

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